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Vietnam Sunday, 26 March 2023


Who Is Eligible For An E-Visa?

Vietnam is currently launching a pilot e-Visa system for citizens from 80 countries. See the table below to check whether your country is listed below or not and tell us your case or any problems. The below list is according to Vietnam Immigration Department e-visa page.


 No.  ICAO  Nation
 1  AND  Andorra
 2  ARG  Argentina
 3  ARM  Armenia
 4  AUS  Australia
 5  AUT  Austria
 6  AZE  Azerbaijan
 7  BLR  Belarus
 8  BEL  Belgium
 9  BIH  Bosnia and Herzegovina
 10  BRA  Brazil
 11   BRN  Bruney
 12  BGR  Bulgaria
 13  CAN  Canada
 14  CHL  Chile
 15  CHN  China
     - Including Hong Kong SAR and Macau SAR passport holders
      - Not apply to Chinese e-passport holders
 16  COL  Colombia
 17  HRV  Croatia
 18  CUB  Cuba
 19  CYP  Cyprus
 20  CZE  Czech Republic
 21  DNK  Denmark
 22  EST  Estonia
 23  FJI  Fiji
 24  FIN  Finland
 25  FRA  France
 26  GEO  Georgia
 27  D  Germany
 28  GRC  Greece
 29  HUN  Hungary
 30  ISL  Iceland
 31  IND  India
 32  IRL  Ireland
 33  ITA  Italy
 34  JPN  Japan
 35  KAZ  Kazakhstan
 36  KOR  Korea (South)
 37  LVA  Latvia
 38  LIE  Liechtenstein
 39  LTU  Lithuania
 40  LUX  Luxembourg
 41  MKD  Macedonia The former Yugoslav of
 42  MLT  Malta
 43  MHL  Marshall Islands
 44  MEX  Mexico
 45  FSM  Micronesia Federated States of
 46   MDA  Moldova
 47  MCO  Monaco
 48  MNG  Mongolia
 49  MNE  Montenegro
 50  MMR  Myanmar
 51  NRU  Nauru
 52  NLD  Netherland
 53  NZL  New Zealand
 54  NOR  Norway
 55  PLW  Palau
 56  PAN  Panama
 57  PNG  Papua New Guinea
 58  PER  Peru
 59  PHL  Philippines
 60  POL  Poland
 61  PRT  Portugal
 62  QAT  Qatar
 63  ROU  Romania
 64  RUS  Russia
 65  WSM  Samoa
 66  SMR  San Marino
 67  SRB  Serbia
 68  SVK  Slovakia
 69  SVN  Slovenia
 70  SLB  Solomon Islands
 71  ESP  Spain
 72  SWE  Sweden
 73  CHE  Switzerland
 74  TLS  Timor Leste
 75  ARE  United Arab Emirates
 76  GBR  United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
 77  USA  United States of America
 78  URY  Uruguay
 79  VUT  Vanuatu
 80  VEN  Venezuela
Note: You should be aware of entering Vietnam at the International Airports, black-and-white printed documents are accepted. On the another hand, customers who enter Vietnam through the International Landport or Seaport, please colored print your e-Visa. Do not forget to bring along your photos to show for the Customs:

Two photos of the applicant must be uploaded:
  • Portrait photo (4x6cm): Looking straight and without glasses.
  • Passport data page: Full page including photo, personal information and ICAO lines.

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If you have any queries, please don’t hesitate to contact us via ✆ +84 902 95 85 53 or website live chat or ✉ our team will always be there to support customers for each situation!
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