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Vietnam Sunday, 26 March 2023


Get visa Vietnam

How long does it take to get visa Vietnam?

1. Factors affecting the time of Vietnam Visa application

Time is a very important factor for visa exemption entry. Many people have not been able to determine the exact time for themselves to have Vietnam Visa. Therefore, time may have a significant impact on your business trip or delaying your travel.

vietnam visa arrival

There are many factors that affect Vietnam visa processing time.

Visa Vietnam processing time depends on many factors. You can get your Visa in 2 or 3 days. Visa processing time can also be longer than 30 days. Many people are anxious and difficult to arrange their plans when the time to apply for Visa is too long.

There are many factors that determine the speed of visa approval, fast or slow, such as: Visa documents, visa type, visa agency, ...

2. Risks when the time to get visa Vietnam is prolonged

The processing time for Visa Vietnam is very annoying. No matter what purpose you come to Vietnam, getting a delayed Visa can pose a huge risk for you.

The slower the visa is, the slower your job will be. You can cancel your flight because your flight is due to leave without a Visa. You may be late for admission. You may miss a big partner. You may miss a festival in Vietnam. It all comes from your visa approval.

In more urgent cases, you need to enter Vietnam urgently. But your visa application has problems. This will cause great damage both physically and mentally.

The secret to get visa Vietnam on arrival quickly in 2 days

Currently, many people have chosen an online Visa service. Online Vietnam Visa Service will help you apply for a legal visa exemption letter. Visa process is completed after a few minutes when you are at the airport.

With the online visa registration service, you will not have to spend time going to the Vietnam Embassy in the host country to apply. At the same time, the risks when applying for a Visa are minimized.

rush vietnam visa

Choose Evisa Vietnam to get your Vietnam visa on arrival quickly in 2 days.

The service company will be responsible for the procedure. They guarantee to help customers get the visa as soon as possible. This is a simple, convenient and effective service for those who want to enter Vietnam legally.

If you want to receive the Visa approval letter fastest in 4 hours to 2 days, then choose Evisa Online Vietnam. We have 10-year experience in dealing with Visa Vietnam, helping customers travel, work and work in our country conveniently.

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