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Vietnam Friday, 24 March 2023


Apply visa vietnam online

How to apply visa Vietnam online?

1. Check if you are in the visa exemption policy

Currently, Vietnam has applied visa exemption policy for many countries around the world. Foreigners under this policy will not need to apply for a Visa. Therefore, you should check if you need a Visa or not to avoid wasting time, effort and finance.

2. Place for issuing Visa

vietnam visa
You can apply for a Visa at the airport if you have obtained a visa exemption letter.

2 locations for legal visa that you can choose: Apply for a visa at the Vietnamese consular office of the host country and apply for a Visa when entering Vietnam airport.

Currently, many people choose apply visa vietnam online to make it easier and more economical to enter Vietnam. The service helps you to get entry visas simply without spending a lot of time, hidden costs or failure procedures.

3. Visa application

You need to prepare the following documents to apply visa vietnam online:
• Passport valid for 6 months.
• Visa application form.
• 4cm x 6cm portrait photos.
• Financial proof and purpose to Vietnam.
• Stamp sticked fee.

4. Determine the type of Visa to apply

Vietnam's visas are divided into 21 main categories. Among them, the 5 most popular types of visas are: Tourist Visa, Business Visa, Work Visa, Investment Visa, Electronic Visa.
You need to select the correct Visa type based on the purpose of entry to avoid a procedural error.

5. Booking service for visa exemption

Complicated visa application procedures take you a lot of time. Some cases may fail when applying for a visa or paying hidden expenses to quickly get a Visa. To minimize the aforementioned risks, you can choose a reputable Visa service company to "lead the way" when coming to Vietnam.

6. Apply online

Apply visa vietnam online step by step here: