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Vietnam Friday, 24 March 2023

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Important notes for a successful Vietnam Visa

Applying for Vietnam Visa is a duty for foreign guests to be legalized when arriving in Vietnam. However, the complicated visa application procedures make many people lose time and take a high risk of failure. Choose Vietnam Visa to quickly obtain the most convenient and legal visa exemption letter.

I. Are you having difficulty in applying for Vietnam Visa?

Visa (visa) is a legal proof that the owner is allowed to enter or leave the country of visa. Except for countries in the visa exemption policy, foreigners who want to enter Vietnam need a Vietnam Visa.

Applying for a Vietnam Visa for foreigners entering Vietnam for the purpose of travel, work, labor, study abroad, family visits ... Visa is divided to entry purposes, each type will have different requirements.

vietnam visa 
Vietnam Visa is a mandatory requirement for many people who want to enter Vietnam.

Vietnam with its unique cultural identity, majestic scenery has become a tourist destination for foreigners. You can travel to Vietnam with 4 seasons in a year to experience the poetic nature and peaceful people of the S-shaped country.

However, many people are confused because they do not know how to apply for Vietnam Visa. You are only away from Vietnam with a confirmation stamp. The Visa application process will be difficult for first-time visitors to Vietnam. You do not understand the process for obtaining a visa legally and quickly. This affects the trip you are excitedly planning. So what do you need to do when you want to receive a visa to enter Vietnam?

II. Important notes to facilitate Vietnam Visa application

2.1 Check if you are in the visa exemption policy?

Currently, Vietnam has applied visa exemption policy for many countries around the world. Foreigners under this policy will not need to apply for a Vietnam Visa. Therefore, you should check if you need a Visa or not to avoid wasting time, effort and finance.

2.2 Place for issuing Vietnam Visa

vietnam visa
You can apply for a Vietnam Visa at the airport if you have obtained a visa exemption letter.

2 locations for legal visa that you can choose: Apply for a Vietnam Visa at the Vietnamese consular office of the host country and apply for a Visa when entering Vietnam airport.

Currently, many people choose the online visa service of Vietnam Visa to make it easier and more economical to enter Vietnam. The service helps you to get entry visas simply without spending a lot of time, hidden costs or failure procedures.

2.3 Visa application

You need to prepare the following documents:
• Passport valid for 6 months.
• Visa application form.
• 4cm x 6cm portrait photos.
• Financial proof and purpose to Vietnam.
• Stamp sticked fee.

2.4 Determine the type of Visa to apply

Vietnam's visas are divided into 21 main categories. Among them, the 5 most popular types of visas are: Tourist Visa, Business Visa, Work Visa, Investment Visa, Electronic Visa.
You need to select the correct Visa type based on the purpose of entry to avoid a procedural error.

2.5 Booking service for visa exemption

Complicated visa application procedures take you a lot of time. Some cases may fail when applying for a visa or paying hidden expenses to quickly get a Vietnam Visa. To minimize the aforementioned risks, you can choose a reputable Visa service company to "lead the way" when coming to Vietnam.

III. Solution for Vietnam Visa quickly - economically - legally

Are you worried that the length of the visa application process will affect the journey, the visa application process is too complicated or you do not have much time to go to the Vietnam Embassy in the host country to complete the procedure? Choose Vietnam Visa online service.

vietnam visa 
You only need to complete the Vietnam Visa visa application form and wait for us for 2 days.

Vietnam Visa will help you simplify all legal procedures when coming to Vietnam. We have been legalized by the Immigration Department of Vietnam, which is the leading reputation for all customers who choose to solve Vietnam visa related issues.

We have more than 10 years of experience in development, law proficiency, and knowledge of Vietnamese culture. Vietnam Visa is confident to be a professional "guide" for customers to have the best time when they arrive in Vietnam. We carry out the procedures for applying for Visa and extending Visa to Vietnam on your behalf.

Visa approval document will be sent to customers after 2 working days for normal visas and 4-8 hours for urgent visas. You will be picked up by Vietnam Visa right in the lobby, all Visa procedures will be processed in just a few minutes, and you have been legally recognized when operating in Vietnam.

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