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Vietnam Saturday, 13 August 2022

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How to get a cheap visa Vietnam

You should know the following important points about cheap visa Vietnam fees:
  • The rates will vary depending on the type of Visa, the number of applicants and the processing time of the dispatch.
  • Service fee will be paid online by popular cards via OnePay or PayPal.
  • Stamp fee is paid in cash, fixed by the Ministry of Finance, does not accept payment by credit card.
  • Stamps can be paid by different denominations, but USD is encouraged to avoid exchange rate differences.
  • You can pay extra costs if you want to handle urgently, avoid spending more time for you.
cheap visa vietnam fee
(Reference table of fees of cheap visa Vietnam)

How to get a cheap visa Vietnam ?

In case of using cheap visa Vietnam by application, you will avoid incurring hidden costs. Hidden costs can be mentioned here such as travel, transportation, meals, surcharges, shopping for hard files, etc. When excluding underground expenses, you only see the cost of authentication that spends on the issue of Vietnam visa application. This is almost a legitimate cost that you need to invest without hesitation.

Moreover, applying online vietnam visa not only saves on costs but also saves time and minimizes risks. Through intermediaries, you will receive maximum security in transactions.
cheap visa vietnam

Registering for a visa in the online form helps you get a cheap Vietnam visa.

How  to making cheap visa Vietnam ?

Evisa vietnam is one of the companies that help foreign visitors who can apply for a cheap visa Vietnam legally. We will help you get a visa-free dispatch in the shortest time with an attractive price ever. Make sure you will have a smooth and fun journey to Vietnam.
apply visa vietnam online

Apply cheap visa Vietnam by online now for Evisa Vietnam to get an Entry Visa soon.

Contact via Hotline: +84 902 95 85 53 or Email: to get us the best support on Cheap visa Vietnam.