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Vietnam Wednesday, 7 June 2023

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Evisa Vietnam Applying for a visa without the "bad luck" factor

Applying for a Vietnam visa can be risky for many people. You need to complete all kinds of lengthy documents and wait at the Vietnamese embassy. Now, you can reduce the "chance" factor by 99% when choosing Evisa Vietnam. Online visa application service provided by a local company will help you to ensure that you have a Vietnam visa on hand after 48 hours of work.
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I. Simple online procedure

The most common troubles when getting a Vietnam visa is the complicated procedure and having to go to the Embassy. Evisa Vietnam is the ideal choice for people far away from the Vietnamese Embassy. We provide electronic visa services provided by the Immigration Department of Vietnam. You just need to perform procedures right on your phone, laptop and anywhere.

What are the advantages of Evisa Vietnam application procedures?
  • The online registration form is completely simple. You just need to comply with the specific information requested.
  • You do not need to waste time going to Vietnam embassy in the host country to queue and do procedures anymore.
  • Staff of Evisa Vietnam dedicated to making sure your visa application is completely legal. The rate of passing Vietnam visa application is always 99%.

II. Guaranteed to pay dispatch on time from 4am - 48pm

You will receive your visa exemption approval letter faster with Evisa Vietnam. The weekly wait has been shortened to 4 hours - 48 working hours. We bring you a visa application service with the fastest time. You will have peace of mind to prepare for your flight when you receive an early approval email from us.

Currently, Evisa Vietnam has 2 different forms of online Vietnam visa application corresponding to different timelines. Visa acceptance letter will be sent to you after 3am - 4pm for urgent visa application and up to 2 days for regular visa application. We guarantee to pay dispatch on time, not to worry and wait for customers to affect your schedule and plans.

III. Evisa Vietnam supports 24/7 via chat, phone and email

We accompany you throughout the Vietnam visa application process. The problems and questions will be quickly resolved and do not take much time. Accompanying Evisa Vietnam, customers will feel more secure because they have a team of experts with many years of experience to support and handle all requests.

Our staff members are available 24/7 and can connect with you through a variety of communication means. You can contact our company by phone, email, website at any time. Evisa Vietnam does not let customers wait, worry and insecurity. Your application is received by us and immediately processed. Therefore, the visa exemption application letter will be approved to be sent to the customer as soon as possible.

IV. Refund 100% of the cost if the dispatch is not approved

Evisa Vietnam operates professionally, credibly and transparently. Choosing our service, you will only pay once without any extra costs. Meanwhile, if you go to the Vietnam Embassy to apply for a visa, you will lose a fee for travel, meals, check-in fees ... Sometimes you can also miss your main job to queue. at the embassy.

We make sure our payments are transparent and transparent. Moreover, Evisa Vietnam commits to 100% refund of the cost if your procedure fails (The rate of application failure is very low). We are always a professional and reputable partner for customers to cooperate when coming to Vietnam.

V. Evisa Vietnam assists with procedures at the airport

Possessing a letter helps you to be 80% sure that you can set foot in the beautiful S-country legally. However, you need to go through some more final procedures to get your visa stamp of entry. If you are afraid that these procedures will cause you trouble and get you deported from Vietnam, Evisa Vietnam can help you.

Our staff is at the lobby when you get off the plane. The final procedures will be guided by Evisa Vietnam to customers. The process is definitely smooth and quick with no obstacles.

Vietnam Visa Fees

You can check Tourist and Business Visa fee quotation and other services before you decide to utilize our services.

(24-49 working hours)
 1 pax   2 pax   3-5 pax   6-9 pax   10+ pax   (4-8 working hours)   (1-4 working hours) 
 1 month single 10 9 7 6 5 Plus 18 USD/pax Plus 39 USD/pax 25 
 1 month multiple 12 11 9 8 6 50 
 3 months single 28 27 25 24 22 25 
 3 months multiple 38 37 35 34 32 50 
Private approval letter will be added 10 USD/letter
(24-49 working hours)
 1 pax   2 pax   3-5 pax   6-9 pax   10+ pax   (4-8 working hours)   (1-4 working hours) 
 1 month single 85 83 81 79 77 Plus 29 USD/pax Plus 49 USD/pax 25 
 1 month multiple 90 88 85 83 80 50 
 3 months single 110 108 106 104 102 25
 3 months multiple 130 128 126 124 122 50
Private approval letter will be added 10 USD/letter
  • Normal processing time: for those who would like to get Vietnam visa within 24 - 48 working hours.
  • Urgent processing time - level 1: for those who would like to get Vietnam visa within 24 - 48 working hours.
  • Urgent processing time - level 2: for those who would like to get Vietnam visa within 30 minutes or need it the right way for flight.
  • Penalty fee: for those who would like to arrive in Vietnam on Saturday, Sunday, or public Holidays but forgotten to apply for a visa in advance. We can make this visa in 30 minutes and our staff will take care of all the procedures at the airport when you arrive.

get visa Vietnam

Are you in need of a professional Vietnam visa service provider to ensure your flight to Vietnam will be 100% legal and convenient? You do not have too much time and understanding of Vietnam visa application procedures? Evisa Vietnam services of New World Travel Corp assists customers to complete all the procedures when you arrive at the airport.

New World Travel Corp will help you avoid lengthy procedures to have a legal visa stamp in hand at all international airports in Vietnam. You don't have to worry about the risk of failure, wasting travel time, incurring hidden costs. Evisa Vietnam offers the fastest and most economical Vietnamese visa application service for customers.

New World Travel Corp is a development company in Vietnam. Therefore, we are proficient in the law, language and culture here to ensure the highest visa pass rate for customers. Your job is to provide us with the necessary procedures and wait home. Evisa Vietnam's newsletter will arrive soon within a few days.

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