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Vietnam Sunday, 26 March 2023

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The Romantic Beauty Of Flower Petals In Ba Vi In Early Winter

With mountainous terrain, cool climate and rich vegetation. Coming Ba Vi in early winter, visitors will be admired a lot of beautiful flowers which make a blaze of colors.
Bavi in the early morning
Located around 60 km from Hanoi, Ba Vi has fresh air and ecosystem diversity. This place is consistent with weekend trips or short holidays for groups of friends or family.

Coming Ba Vi National Park in this season, tourists will be admired colorful flowers.
The beauty of Ba Vi

In addition, this season you also see a lot of rare wildflowers here.
Flower blossom in Ba Vi

Going for a walk under the canopy tree in late autumn….
Go jogging in a peaceful Ba Vi

The abandoned buildings are always a highlight not to be missed. Many young people and photographers usually come here to compose and keep beautiful picture frames.
Outside activities

Pine forest is the ideal place for groups of friends and family camping, relaxing.
Go camping in Ba Vi

The beauty of Ba Vi in any season also attracts a lot of young people coming here to relax, enjoy a view and take wedding photos.
Wedding photo took in Ba Vi

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