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Vietnam Sunday, 20 June 2021

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Why 90% of customers like to choose Visa Vietnam online?

Administrative procedures, language and legal problems are a barrier that many people have difficulty for applying for a Vietnam visa. Visa Vietnam online helps you simplify the process of applying for a Vietnam visa. You will have a convenient way to get Vietnam visa without spending as much time as when proceeding at the Embassy as usual.
visa vietnam online

I. Visa Vietnam online - Stay at home to apply

1.1 Foreigners like to apply for visa Vietnam online or offline?

Applying for a visa is a mandatory requirement for foreign citizens when entering Vietnam. There are two popular forms of Visa application that are to the Vietnamese Embassy in the host country or at the airport.

However, the biggest disadvantage of these two forms is that the procedure is complicated and takes a lot of time. For those inexperienced, there will be many obstacles.

The digital age makes applying for a Vietnam visa simpler and more convenient.

The lack of documents in the first preparation is the reason why the visa application process is delayed, even the transaction is not successful.

Instead of directly doing immigration certification and waiting, many people choose Vietnam Visa online service. This service is popular in many countries for the purpose of simplifying visa application. Currently, up to 90% of customers prefer to choose and register online services than offline at the Embassy.

1.2 Visa Vietnam online - Receive acceptance letter at home

Through the online form, you will receive a valid visa approval letter emailed. At the same time, the service also assists you with the final procedures, so that when you arrive at the airport, you will have your legal Visa in hand. The application process is done, you will save a huge amount of time compared to applying for a visa at the Vietnamese Embassy in the host country.

By applying smart technology and flexible visa issuance policy of the Vietnam Immigration Department, foreign customers will have a convenient experience with how to apply for a Vietnam visa through the smart online system.

You only need to take about 1 minute to sit in information and payment. Next, a visa approval letter approved by the Immigration Department under our guarantee is sent to you.

II. Why do 90% of foreigners like Visa Vietnam Online?

2.1 Convenient - fast

The time to apply for Vietnam Visa is prolonged because of the remaining complicated procedures such as translation, notarization of documents, appointment, travel to work with the Embassy, ​​receiving visa results ... Long waiting time causes significantly affects your plans for work, plans, business trips.

The fast and convenient Vietnam Online Visa application with simple procedures will shorten the maximum time for you. At Evisa Vietnam, it only takes 2 days for the customer to receive the legal visa exemption letter as prescribed.

2.2 Pass rate 100%

The common risks when applying for an entry visa in Vietnam are long application processing time, unacceptable documents, costs incurred, problematic visa application procedures. You can apply for a failed visa failure due to lack of knowledge and risk.

Visa Vietnam online increases the rate of passing Vietnam visas to 100%. With the experience and knowledge, the service provider will perform the most detailed visa application on your behalf.

2.3 Cost savings

Some sunk fees and travel and food expenses incurred will be eliminated when you apply for Visa online. Thus, you will save more costs in applying for a visa to Vietnam.

III. Visa Vietnam online with Evisa Vietnam - Unit 10 years of experience

You do not have time to prepare your application, prove your job, prove your finances and go back to work with the Embassy? You should find a professional partner to assist with your Visa Vietnam application.

Evisa Vietnam has more than 10 years of experience in handling visa exemption procedures upon entry to Vietnam. In particular, we have a team of highly skilled professionals who update the latest regulations and changes from the Embassy in the fastest time, and know what the advantages and disadvantages are in your profile. The application will overcome weaknesses and strengthen strengths, ensuring to increase the rate of passing Vietnam visas up to 99.99%.

Customers just need to register the visa form and pay online. We will perform all the procedures on behalf of customers to apply for visa exemption documents. Evisa Vietnam is legalized by the Immigration Department of Vietnam. The procedure is quick and affordable.

Too safe and convenient, why don't you use Vietnam online visa service? Call Vietnam Evisa on Hotline: +84 902 95 85 53 to get the best support when needed.

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