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Vietnam Wednesday, 4 August 2021

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Urgent Vietnam visa for those who only have 1 day to prepare to come to Vietnam

The process of applying for a Vietnam visa from the Embassy can take many days. However, you are in a very urgent situation and need to fly to Vietnam in the next 1-2 days. Are you about to miss your flight because the visa process is still incomplete? Choose the Urgent Vietnam visa service for quick settlement and the most convenient flight.
urgent vietnam visa

I. Urgent Vietnam visa - For those who need to fly urgently

For foreigners who are not on the list of countries with visa exemption agreements, it may take a while to process the visa application. This is a compulsory provision for foreigners to legally temporarily stay in Vietnam.

What if you need to fly urgently to Vietnam? With flight time less than 24 hours, you cannot wait 5-7 days to arrive at the Vietnamese Embassy in your host country to apply for a visa. What are the "rules of the game" for those who need an urgent Vietnam visa?

You do not have to worry too much if you want to come to Vietnam as soon as possible. Urgent Vietnam visa service will help you complete all the visa application procedures to be able to legally set foot in Vietnam. With this solution, the execution and completion times of the procedure are measured in hours.

All risks when applying for a Vietnam visa with a limited time will be thoroughly resolved by the service provider. You will ensure a convenient and complete business trip, visit, travel, study in the beautiful S-shaped country.

II. How long will you receive your results with Urgent Vietnam visa?

Urgent Vietnam visa service saves time, money and minimizes risks for customers. For a limited time, you can only ask for the help of this service if you do not want to be deported at Vietnam International Airport.

The visa exemption letter will be sent to you within 4 hours - 8 working hours. This time is calculated after the customer submits the application and confirms the online payment to the service provider. The specific time is as follows:

From Monday to Friday:
  • If you complete the procedure and pay the fee before 8:00 am Vietnam time, the visa exemption letter will be sent to you from 11:30 am - 5:00 pm.
  • If you complete the procedure and pay the fee before 14:00 Vietnam time, the visa exemption letter will be sent to you from 17:00 until 11:30 the next day.
Saturdays, Sundays, public holidays:
  • Urgent Vietnam visa applications cannot be processed on weekends because the immigration office is closed. So if you apply for an expedited visa during this time, the acceptance letter will be sent out at the earliest on the following working days.
  • In super urgent cases, you need to fly urgently to Vietnam during the day. Urgent Vietnam visa will be "accelerated" to help you get a Vietnam visa after only 3 working hours. However, you need to choose a reputable and professional service provider with a fast and urgent working process.

III. How to implement Urgent Vietnam visa?

Step 1: Fill out the visa form
You just need to perform these operations on your computer, phone without having to set foot in the Embassy. The information should be accurate, transparent and as required by the visa form to avoid wasting time.

Step 2: Review the visa form and make online payment
Due to time constraints and urgency, mistakes in documentation can be a waste of time. You will need to fully review the information provided in the visa form several times and proceed with payment. The service provider will work quickly to help customers get the earliest acceptance letter.

Step 3: Receive your acceptance letter
The legal visa waiver will be sent to the email in a private, confidential manner. With the Urgent Vietnam visa service, you can check your email after 1am - 4pm to complete the procedures.

Step 4: Receive visa stamp upon entry to Vietnam airport
Upon arrival at the airport, you need to submit your original passport, photo, Vietnam visa approval letter and pay stamp fee. Immigration officers stamp your passport and issue a Vietnam visa to you.

In addition to the time with Urgent Vietnam visa is extremely fast, Evisa Vietnam also provides dedicated support to customers with procedures at the airport. You will be greeted by the staff of Evisa Vietnam and instructed the remaining procedures to receive visa stamps. With years of work experience and understanding of Vietnam's visa procedures, Evisa Vietnam ensures customers have the most convenient flight. Contact us on Hotline: +84 902 95 85 53 to get the best advice about the service.
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