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Vietnam Wednesday, 4 August 2021

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Some "unexpected" reasons that make the application process for Vietnam visa fail

Many people think that applying for a Vietnam visa is simple and quick. In fact, your application may fail because of language barriers or legal differences. Especially for those who are applying for a visa for the first time, mistakes are inevitable. There are countless reasons why the Embassy rejected your application and you have to delay your flight. This will be bad when work, plans in Vietnam cannot be delayed like flights.
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I. Information in the application for Vietnam visa is incomplete

You need to prepare some necessary documents to submit to Vietnam Embassy in the host country. Failure to research carefully will cause your profile to be omitted. This is a reason why the Embassy refused. This cause is common with those who apply for a visa for the first time. Confusion and lack of understanding can cause you to overlook some details that you personally feel are unnecessary.

In order for the Vietnamese Embassy to review your application, you should prepare the following documents:

Passport is clear, not torn, blurred and valid for at least 06 months.
  • Vietnam visa application form is fully informed.
  • Types of photo papers proving the purpose of coming to Vietnam.
  • Pay the visa fee as prescribed.
Visa application dossiers should absolutely not be sketchy, simple, erased, crumpled. Information to be filled out in the form should be accurate and detailed for each item noted. A complete, well-thought-out profile helps to create a better feel when the reviewer is in the hand.

II. Information in the profile does not match

You can make small mistakes in the information in your profile declaration. The related documents do not match the report form. Information was erased many times in the declaration. These errors will cause the reviewer to suspect the accuracy of the information. Thus, the failure rate of the Vietnam visa application is very high.

The declaration of information in the profile needs to be done very carefully. You should compare and compare the information in the application form with the documents you will provide, to ensure that the information is identical. At the same time, you need to limit the error of deleting information so much that the profile reduces the reliability in the eyes of the reviewer.

The application form for a visa to Vietnam includes: An application form for a Vietnam visa and an application form for entry into Vietnam. The statements in the application form should be consistent with the documents included in the application such as business / organization license, work permit, foreign temporary residence certificate, original passport.

III. Can not prove clear financial resources

Proof of finance is an indispensable factor when applying for a visa to other countries. Except for visas issued to business travelers with a company-proven financial backing, other visas need to prove the applicant's financials themselves.

You just need to prove that you can afford the cost of your stay in Vietnam. At the same time, you must also prove your source of income is legal and clear.

The embassy reviewer will be more confident with the application with bank statements and accounts that have been around for a long time. Many people because they cannot prove their finance convincingly, they make their application for Vietnam visa rejected. Therefore, ambiguous financial records are always on the embassy "black list".

IV. Unable to prove the purpose of the trip

Currently, Vietnam offers 20 different types of visas, classified according to the purpose of the person wanting to enter. If you do not prove the purpose of your entry to Vietnam, your application is likely to fail. Some people apply for a visa with the wrong type, making it difficult to prove the exact purpose of the flight.

The 20 types of Vietnam visas are relatively easy to distinguish. If you do not know what type of visa you need to apply for, please consult the Embassy staff or experienced person. Choosing the right visa will help you unify the procedure and easily prove the purpose of your trip.

Do you feel the form of applying for Vietnam visa at the Vietnamese embassy of the host country is too difficult? Choose the convenient and less risky option, which is to apply for a visa online. Evisa Vietnam helps you to sit at home to make visa application and receive dispatch via Email within 48 hours. We are a local country company, knowledgeable about visa application procedures, ensuring a passing rate of more than 99% for customers. Contact Evisa Vietnam via Hotline: +84 902 95 85 53 to get 24/7 support from our staff.

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