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Vietnam Sunday, 20 June 2021

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Best Places To Visit In Vietnam

Located in between the East Sea and borders of Laos and Campuchia, Vietnam is known as a land of landscapes with forests, mountains, and the lush rice terraces along from mistery highlands in the north to beautiful beaches in the south.

Today Vietnam is deserved with the best attractive place of thousands of history and incredible landscapes. Besides that the cities and beaches are awesome, the first words on everyone's lips when speaking of Vietnam are "Halong Bay - set of karst islands, Hanoi - ancient capital, Hoi An - historical heritage, or Mekong Delta - floating market and lush rice scenery"
And here are the best places in Vietnam that foreign tourists should visit:

1. Halong Bay
It is a natural heritage of the world covered by more 2000 thousand islands pitted with intriguing caves, grottoes, sinkholes, and lakes. Halong Bay is a mystery of nature because of aqua-green water and a cluster of limestone rocky outcrops rising from the water like sea dragons. 
 Halong Bay

2. Hanoi capital
Hanoi has thousand years of history after being ruled of Chinese dynasties and the Vietnam war, it's gotten independent. Today, tourist can visit this city throughout busy market, Grand Opera House, the Presidential Palace, Saint Joseph Cathedral, quaint cafes, and French architecture. All of things created a great capital.
Hanoi capital

3. Dalat city
Dalat has idyllic scenery of misty valley with year-round cool weather, covered by hundreds of colorful flowers and lush pine trees. French colonial architecture and villas amid picturesque landscapes created the most beautiful Dalat.
Dalat city

4. Hoi An
Hoi An is a beautiful and old city dating back 2000 years with historic architecture, traditional culture, and handmade textiles. Besides that, the heart of Hoi An, Old Town's atmosphere with beautiful old architecture, traditional wooden houses, and tailor shops about clothing, shoes, bags, souvenirs and custom-made services is remarkable things of this city.
Hoi An

5. Nha Trang city
Most of the beautiful bays are Southern Vietnam, and Nha Trang city is one of the best bays with many favorite destinations. Beaches, mountains, and islands are very beautiful like picturesque with the high-quality resort areas, Nha Trang is a choice for each tourist.
Nha Trang city

6. Ho Chi Minh city
Ho Chi Minh City is the largest city and the capital of South Vietnam during the Vietnam war, it is also known as Saigon name. This city has many reasons that attract foreign tourists such as vibrant shopping, dining stores, and nightlife of citizens here.
Ho Chi Minh City

7. Mekong Delta
Mekong Delta is in southwestern Vietnam with natural diversity, agricultural region, Mekong river and thousands of different fruit and vegetable created a separating culture of people here. Especially, colorful floating markets are a highlighted thing that attracts more tourists. 
Mekong Delta